The New Nature Photography - Trends for the Future

A program by Lisa Langell

Here are the common scenarios today: 

Nature photographers put their photography on their website, in coffee shops, in galleries, in art exhibits, in booths at festivals and more– but often struggle selling it.

People see beautiful nature images every day and LOVE them — but do not elect to purchase them for their home.

 We have almost unanimously photographed nature in one overarching style–individual uniqueness exists, but it most often falls into one larger “look” that is not in touch with today’s decorating trends.

So what can we do about it? What isn’t working and what IS working? 

I can help you to better understand this problem and how it can be solved to create modern nature photography that is desirable to consumers.
I will teach you how to: 

  • Identify the right photographic subjects for modern decorative art 
  • Learn how to incorporate mixed-media and “found objects” into your designs 
  • Apply principles and techniques for capturing images that will result in compelling artwork 
  • Receive tips and ideas for simple—but impactful post- processing that elevates your work from traditional to contemporary!

Advance Registration for this program is required.  To register, follow this link: