August 2023 Member Preference Survey

Sierra Camera Club

The Sierra Camera Club Board of Directors is committed to structuring meetings, activities and content focus to best meet the interests and preferences of the members. The pandemic led to various forced changes, but with that experience now behind us it is a good time to ask members for input so we can optimally structure our activities going forward.

The Club traditionally has held in-person meetings at the Shepard Garden & Arts Center (SGAC) for 16 competitions, 7 special program sessions, and 1 end-of-year awards dinner per year. During the pandemic years we conducted all digital image competitions (General, Nature/Landscape, & Travel Divisions) via Zoom, paused the Print Division competitions until 2022, and scaled back special programs to what could be done via Zoom. In 2023 we have returned to mostly in-person meetings, which has enabled more social interaction and sharing of experiences and ideas. However, attendance has not quite recovered to pre-pandemic levels even though the number of members has remained about the same.

Therefore, we are conducting this survey to gauge the interests of the members so that we can offer activities that will entice more people to participate and realize the benefits of membership.