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  • May 7 – NATURE and LANDSCAPE Competition (Virtual Competition)
  • May 12 – PRINT Competition (Cancelled)
  • June 4 – TRAVEL Competition (Virtual Competition)
  • June 9 – PROGRAM (Frozen Moments – High Speed Photography)

Special Program Announcement

In collaboration with Gettle Photography, the Sierra Camera Club presents a Zoom Webinar ‘Frozen Moments – High Speed Photography’ on June 9.

With the advent of digital photography, it has become increasingly difficult to show people something new and different. High-speed flash allows photographers to stand out from the crowd. Photographing subjects and situations such as Hummingbirds in flight, frogs frozen mid-leap, a honeybee hovering above a flower, we can see and show other moments in nature that we otherwise miss. Participants will learn how to use off the shelf electronic flash for true high-speed photography for these subjects and so much more. Attendees will also learn how to add a high-speed trigger system and even an electro-magnetic shutter to create a whole new world of exciting imagery!

For more information and to pre-register (required), click on the thumbnail below:

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